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Welcome to the Breeder Referral page of the Cascade Havanese Club. This page is a subscription service available only to members of the CHC in good standing and the CHC makes no warranty or guaranty regarding the listed breeders or puppies from the listed breeders.  Prospective Havanese owners should do considerable research and be prepared to ask the breeder about a sales contract, guarantees, and health testing. For more information go to the Buyers' Education page of our parent club, the Havanese Club of America at: http://www.havanese.org/education/puppy-buyers/60-puppy-buyers.

Hilltrack Havanese
Judi Hillis                     hilltrack@frontier.com              
Arlington, WA               phone: 360-652-9402

      Lancaster's of Gold Canyon
      Lucy Lancaster lancofgc@q.com
      Website: http://www.lancastersofgoldcanyon.com/

 Grandview Havanese
 Laura Vivolo  laura@grandviewhavanese.com            
 Website:   http://grandviewhavanese.com

Willowbrook Havanese 
Nicole Rodriguez     willowbrookhavanese@yahoo.com
Website:                   http://willowbrookhavanese.com

Flaming Geyser Havanese
Lorraine Callis          fghavanese@aol.com
Website:                  http://havaneseusa.com/

Rolling Heather Havanese          
Sharon Manders        rollingheather@comcast.net
Website: http://www.facebook.com/RollingHeatherHavanese

Cirrus Havanese
Jane Ruthford    cirrushavanese@comcast.net

Wysteria Havanese
Debbi Foust              foustdd@yahoo.com
Website:                   http://wysteriahavanese.com/

LĂșdico Havanese  
Diane Tomasevich       dtomasevich@q.com            Website:                      Ludico Havanese

The Kennel at Burns Gardens
Bill Burns                burnsgardens@olyridge.net
Website:                 www.Burnsgardens.com