Cascade Havanese Club

The calendar of events for the Cascade Havanese Club has been established for 2022. Board of Director meetings are open to CHC members and visitors to attend. The time is based on when the board can meet together, generally on the fourth Thursday of the month, and may be subject to change, especially if it falls on Thanksgiving, etc. 

(*Click the "Contact Us" button to email us before you come to ensure there has not been a change and to get the Zoom link should the meeting be virtual.)  

The 2023 Calendar of Events (more details to be added):
May 13, 2023           CHC Annual Member 
                                 meeting -  11am -2 pm         Academy Of Canine Behavior
                                                                                   4705 240th St SE  
                                                                                       Bothell, WA

May 25, 2023           Board meeting - 7 pm                           Zoom

June 4, 2023             Health Clinic for Havanese        Laura Vivolo's House
                                  Dr. Kice -- OFA Eye CAER             Enumclaw, WA

June 22, 2023           Board meeting - 7 pm                          Zoom

July 15, 2023            Member meeting                       Laura Vivolo's House
                                  Picnic                                              Enumclaw, WA

July 27, 2023            Board meeting - 7 pm                          Zoom

August 17, 2023       CHC Independent Specialty,            Time TBD
                                 Expo Center, Enumclaw, WA             

August 24, 2023        Board meeting - 7 pm                         Zoom

September 23, 2023  Member meeting                            Time, Location                                                                                                              TBD

September 28, 2023  Board meeting - 7 pm                         Zoom

October 26, 2023       Board meeting  7 pm                          Zoom

November 18, 2023   Concurrent Member / Board     Monroe Fairgrounds  
                                  meeting -1/2 hour after 
                                  Havanese show 
December 2023         No meetings

January 25, 2024       Board meeting - 7 pm                         Zoom


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